Miscellany Monday

Jul 8, 2013

lowercase letters
one | We had a wonderful time at our friends' wedding! The entire wedding and reception was beautiful and it was such a fun time. We're so happy for them! They had a photo booth at the reception and the hubs and I had a little fun...
two | Our kitchen is finished! The backsplash looks great! I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I'd like to get a few more things situated before the reveal, but here's a sneak peek!
three |I took this picture of Noah with Instagram over the weekend after a particularly messy dinner in which avocado was smeared in every crevice imaginable! He's always loved bath time and I love that he's big enough now that his head peeks over the deep tub walls.
four | We're traveling again this week with Michael for work. I am absolutely enjoying this stage. Noah travels well and adapts easily to new surroundings, making it easy for us to tag along and get to be with Michael when his job requires him to be away from home. This week the hotel we're staying at has an amazing outdoor pool, complete with a slide and water cave. You know that tan I mentioned was missing on Friday? Well, this week I plan to get fully acquainted again! I'm looking forward to hanging with Noah during the day, and as a family in the evenings. Doesn't this look like fun?!
[courtesy of....]
five | My friend Naomi and I are having a yard-sale this coming Saturday and I'm excited! It'll be a busy Friday night preparing, but I'm hoping we get lots of traffic and can make some money from our items before we donate what we don't sell.

six | This song has been on my heart all weekend. No matter my day-to-day struggles and imperfections, this is my heart's desire. "You can have all this world...."

seven | In case you were wondering why your Google Friends Connect hasn't disappeared like everyone said it would July 1st, I found THIS ARTICLE that explains what really is going on. Shew!

That's it for today. We're on the go today and I'll be blogging from Alabama this week! Happy Monday!


  1. Hope your garage sale is a big hit! We try to do one every six months-- I hate clutter and extra cash- yes please!

  2. Back splash looks great!! And I love that song.... our son has turned his back on God....and last fall he was talking about how life is...and hubby said the word Jesus...and our son turned on him .....the next day someone has posted this song.... and how true it is.... What blinds the eyes of those who once Knew HIM......

  3. I love that photo booth idea! Those pictures are adorable! That pool looks like tons of fun!
    Good luck on your garage sale!

  4. Your photo booth photos are so sweet and must say I adore the photo of Noah!! Have a wonderful week :)

  5. Photo booths at wedding are my favorite :) Especially when they have items to 'dress up' with! That bathtub picture is so cute, you should frame it - you could put it in the bathroom :)Hope you have a great week!!